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Cross Bow Sure Lock Testimonials & Reviews

"Good afternoon, during a recent trip to the USA I purchased some of your Cross-Bow Sure Locks from Walmart in Mount Vernon, Ohio. They were for my son, Calum, who has a mild form of muscular dystrophy, this means that he has limited fine motor skills in his hands and cannot tie shoe laces. I have also recently come into contact with two other children with similar problems, I am going to let them have the two spare pairs to try. Please could you forward the names and addresses of any UK suppliers so that I can purchase some more."

Thank you,
Graham Loades

"I am actually looking at getting this system for my dad because he is a runner at heart and is now getting involved in duathlons and triathlons. How long have you have guys been selling this awesome product? I am just curious because this really seems to be like a cutting edge and vital part of the triathlon/duathlon/marathon industry."

Take Care,

Bridget Magee