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Go Swim:  Freestyle

Training Film Description
Producer: Go Swim Productions
Featuring: Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen
Format: DVD

Go Swim Productions introduces Freestyle with Masters world record holder Karlyn Pipes-Neilsen. Karlyn shares her six key focus points for freestyle - the same concepts she teaches at her clinics and uses in her own training.  Her techniques are proven to work for every level of swimmer – novice to elite.
Each focus point is clearly illustrated using multiple angles, side, head-on, rear, from above and below the surface, as well as Slow-motion and Freeze-Frame, allowing you to really see and properly emplement what Karlyn is doing.
Additionally, use Karlyn’s favorite drills to practice each key element as well as the included laminated Stroke Guide which helps you remember each focal point while at the pool.
Bonus Section Includes:
  • Starts & Breakouts
  • Flip Turns 
  • Open-water Sighting  
  • Open-water Ins-and-Outs 
  • Training with Fins 
  • Breathing Techniques 
  • Arm Recovery
Whether its in the pool, open water, or in triathlon competitions, you are sure to build the confidence and speed to put you out in front!
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Go Swim: Freestyle
Go Swim: Freestyle
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