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Fans in the Stands

As a runner I find myself in a number of dangerous settings. Whether running along traffic or in the woods, the IDonMe bracelet gives me peace of mind."
Customer, Seattle, WA

"I see a lot of bad drivers while cycling. I know that cycling with ID is important, and I don't like to carry my license, but I love the IDonMe. Thanks for making a convenient and comfortable ID."
Customer, Boise, ID

"I hope my 8 year old son never needs the IDonMe bracelet, but I feel better knowing that he wears it. If he were hurt and alone for even one extra minute, I wouldn't be doing my job as his mother."
  Customer, Indianapolis, IN

"The IDonMe bracelets were great for my family's trip to Florida. Thankfully, we never got separated from any of the 5 children in our group, but my kids and nephews thought they were great and wore them every time we went out. Thank you very much."
  Customer,  Burlington, VT

My wife worries about the kids every time they go out the door. The IDonMe bracelets give us that extra feeling we're doing everything we can to protect our family. The kids think they're cool too. Thanks for making a great product."
Customer, Lakewood, NJ

Let's face it, we still act like kids sometimes, but we're not. We both feel better knowing that we can be contacted immediately if we need each other. Thanks!" 
Customer, Boston, MA