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Endurance Films - Running

Marathon Training with Jeff Galloway

Join over 250,000 marathon finishers who have successfully completed the Jeff Galloway method of marathon training.

These innovative ideas have opened up the possibility of running and completing a marathon to almost everyone. Even YOU can do it!

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Endurance CoreEndurance Core

Featuring: Eric Schmitz, CSCS, PES, HFI

Endurance Core is a system of dry land conditioning exercises designed to improve your core strength and stability, total body flexibility, joint stability, and muscular strength and endurance.

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YogaThe Athlete’s Guide to Yoga
Producer: Endurance Films
Featuring: Sage Rountree

Yoga makes good athletes better. This time-honored discipline imparts flexibility, balance, and whole-body strength, creating improvements in an athlete’s form, efficiency, and power. Choose from 7 preset routines or create your own workout lasting 2 minutes to 2 hours!

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Evolution RunningEvolution Running
Producer: Endurance Films
Featuring: Joe Friel & Ken Mierke

Efficient runners run faster with less energy and fewer injuries. Let renowned coaches Joe Friel and Ken Mierke teach you how to run the way the human body was designed!

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Endurance NutritionEndurance Nutrition
Production by: Endurance Films
Featuring: Steve Born
Sponsored by: Hammer Nutrition

Gain top advice on how you can dramatically improve your training, racing and health through a simple, well thought out endurance nutrition plan. Brought to you by the experts at Hammer Nutrition.

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Performance StretchingPerformance Stretching for Multisport
Producer: Endurance Films
Featuring: Lee Zohlman

An informative and motivational sport specific stretching routine. It has been scientifically designed to enhance athletic performance, increase the body's recovery time post workout, and prevent nagging or acute injuries.

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The Athlete's Guide To Yoga
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Evolution Running
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Endurance Nutrition
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Performance Stretching For Multisport
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Endurance Core
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