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Sport Shell Frequent Questions

When will I use Sport Shell?
Sport Shells are great for cool,windy, and rainy weather.  Marathoners use them for pre-race gear, the outdoor hiking uses them as lightweight emergency gear, and everyone can benefit from Sport Shell to protect them from when the weather turns poor. .

How much does Sport Shell weigh?
Weight depends on size, but the Sport Shell jacket itself is roughly 3.2 – 3.5 ounces depending on size.  

Is it water resistant?
Absolutely.  Depending on how strong the downpour of water is, the water will eventually seep through the jacket, but hopefully you will be able to find a dry location by that time.

We have had people tell us that they wore them for over an hour in the rain without getting wet.

At what external temperature will I still be kept warm?
Most people are very surprise to learn that the Sport Shell jackets can keep you warm down to about 37 degrees by trapping the heat between your base layer and the jacket.   These jackets are windproof as well, which helps to further keep you warm.

What material is Sport Shell made of?
Sport Shells are made of Polyethelene and PolyPropelene.  We use to make them out of Recycled Tyvek, although we can seem to get enough of the material in a format which works properly for making a retail jacket.

Can I screen print on Sport Shell for my store or organization?
Yes, we offer one color and two screen printing for jackets on the breast pocket area or back of the jacket .  Screen Printing is tricky, because it takes a long time for the jacket to dry, so the cost is slightly more then traditional screen printing, but our
jackets are much more cost effective then traditional jackets, so they make a great item to customize for any organization requiring that.

Can I reuse Sport Shell?
Sport Shells can be washed and “hang dried” for re-using over and over.

What colors are available?
Sports Shells come only in plain white

What is the difference between Sport Shell original & premium versions?
Difference for Premium jacket version is that we add Black or Blue Trim for the cuffs, collars, and waistline to give it a more finished look.  Some people like the original and other want a premium style, we are glad to offer both.

What size Sport Shell will fit me?  
Please see our sizing chart for a jacket that will fit you.