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TriathlonBAGS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long does the Yankz! TriathlonBAG warranty last?

    All Yankz! TriathlonBAGS products carry a limited warranty to the original owner against defects in materials and workmanship for one year from the purchase date.  If any of our products fail due to manufacturing defects, we will repair or replace it, at our discretion, we will repair the product for a nominal charge to cover our costs.  This charge will be evaluated at time of return.  Our warranty becomes null and void on any product that is used for any activity other then intended use.  If the product is misused or abused, or is altered after purchase, the warranty of the product is nontransferable.

  2. Is it a just TriathlonBAG or can it be used as a Transition Bag?

    It actually is both. The terms are commonly interchanged. Your have to carry your gear before and after you event. Also, the Bags are designed for effectively seeing all your items in the transition area when time is of the essence.

  3. What’s the best Yankz! TriathlonBAG for me?  

    First point you should consider is whether you are looking for a messenger style bag or backpack style bag?

    The Apollo Bag is a messenger style bag and the T2 Bag, Original, and Zeus are backpack style bags.

    Apollo messenger bag is a standup bag in the transition area. Holds a full body wetsuit in the outside compartment.  Sits Up like the Letter L in the transition.  Great bag for beginner to intermediate user.

    Original Bag lays flat and has fours large compartments to hold products.  Lot’s of Capacity and come with backpack and shoulder straps for flexibility of use. Great bag of those just getting started in the sport.

    T2 Bag is actually two bags in one, with an extra wet or dry bag with drainage holes that is expandable.  In generally, it seems to fit women’s frames better for biking as well as walking.  Great for beginner through advanced athletes.

    Zeus Bag is our most extensive bag for the traveler or advanced athlete that has to carry an enormous amount of gear.  Extras included – laptop bag, Rain cover for bag/bike usage, and saddle holder.  Large Capacity for storage of everything an athletes might carry with them.  Able to hang by a hook off vehicle trunk or closet when traveling.