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TriathlonBAGS Testimonials & Reviews

When we got our first bag, we couldn't believe it had taken someone so long to come up with the perfect bag for our sport. Since we've been using our tri-bag, we've become complete and utter addicts. We're able to take everything from our car to the transition area and back while remaining completely organized and hands free. Riding to transition is no longer the most dangerous part of our racing day and stressing about missing gear is a thing of the past. You can see and access everything with ease and it all fits in! If being more organized and efficient makes you faster, there are going to be a lot of personal bests this year!

Paula Newby-Fraser
Paul Huddle

Thanks for the email...and the upgrade. I had heard about from a friend of mine who had started doing triathlons a couple of years ago. I ordered one for a friend of mine last year for her birthday and she absolutely loved it. My sister-in-law just started doing triathlons this summer so I thought this would make a perfect Christmas gift.

Thanks again and Happy Holidays.
Kari Montero

I am writing you this note both to thank you for making such fantastic triathlon bags and a testimonial. I have been a wheelchair triathlete for the last 9 years. I have (in the past) used gym bags and other triathlon type bags to lug my gear to and from races. I met you at the Wildflower Triathlon in 2000 and I have been using your original triathlon bag since that time and it has served me well. Recently I upgraded to the Zeus bag. WOW!!! While I was perfectly happy with the original design, the Zeus is an amazingly more efficient triathlon bag. Thank you AGAIN for creating something that truly makes my life easier.

Jeremy NC Newman

In 2006, I completed 13 Triathlons, 5 road races, and 1 duathlon and set 2 world triathlon records. One of the records was becoming the first documented double amputee to complete a Half Ironman. As a double amputee triathlete, I come with “lots of assemble required.” One of my concerns last year was improving my transition times. I have 3 sets of prosthesis that I bring to each triathlon along with prosthetic liners and socks. At my first races my transitions were logistical nightmares, but my problems were solved when I met Dean and he introduced me his ‘Zeus” transition bag.
The “Zeus” transition bags’ hanging mechanism helped stop ground clutter where I could strategically place my biking and running legs. The removable rain cover that transforms into a second wet bag was very help in keeping my prosthetic supplies away from moisture. Carrying all my legs and supplies can be a heavy tasks, but the “Zeus” transition bag made it easy by it’s lumbar support system, padded waist and shoulder strap, and rubber handles. Best of all the “Zeus” transition bag keeps me organized and shaved minute off my transition time...

Scott Rigsby

Thank you for upgrading my order to the T2. This is actually a Christmas present for my husband, so waiting until spring would not be an option. My husband is a competitive Triathlete & I have seen other athletes at his races with your bags. They always looked great and very functional.

Hi- this is actually the third bag i've purchased from your company. i ordered an original bag for my husband, a t2 for my daughter and now the zeus for me. i probably heard about you initially in one of my triathlon magazines. thanks.
- Charlotte

I can't remember where I heard about TriathlonBAGS. It was some time ago but I may have seen it in a triathlon magazine.I mentioned to my girlfriend a number of years ago that I wanted one so she bought me one for a present. I use it all the time for my triathlons, Olympic, half IM and full IM distance. It's Great! As it turns out, the girlfriend that bought me mine has started to do triathlons so the one I have ordered is a gift for her for Christmas. She's been borrowing mine and wanted one for herself.
-John Ridenour

I have been a triathlete for 14 years and have not seen any finer-made, triathlete-minded bags than those produced by I have had an Original Triathlonbag for the past 4 years and it has always been exactly what I have needed. Since I have had my new APOLLO bag, it has been a perfect compliment and another outstanding bag. Let's put it this way, I have never been the one asking someone else where they got their cool tri bag. Dean and his company have hit another home run with the APOLLO and I can't wait to see what the future brings. Thanks Dean!

All the best,
Jason Gustafson, Visalia, CA

If you want me to rewrite or mention something else let me know and I'll be more than happy to do it. I'll do my best to get those samples and questionnaires out this week but I'm going to be busy with military jury duty so it might not be until next week. Thank you so much for the help with the testing.

Take care,

The Triathlon Bag is perfect! Finally, a bag that does it all: mesh pockets for quick finds, waterproof barrier for wetsuit, and super durable. I'm nuts about this bag.

Ian Murray
Professional Triathlete

Team KINeSYS One Step
Closer to Victory

Erik Burgan - "The only thing I need when I travel is my bike case and my T2 Triathlon Bag. It holds everything that I need for race day and more. There are so many user friendly pockets, it really is the best bag I have ever used".

Victor Plata - "This bag has a pocket for every purpose, and is the most comfortable pack I have ever worn thanks to the shoulder and torso harnesses."

Dave Reid - "The T2 Triathlon Bag is the first bag designed for the needs of a triathlete, it provides me with clear organization and helps me to focus on the race rather than where my race belt is. The T2 allows me compartmentalize my equipment for superior efficiency and speedy transition set up!"

Chad DeMasi - "Finally a "true" transition bag made for triathletes. I don't know how I ever stayed organized without my T2 Triathlon Bag".

The bag is great, Lots of space, its so is easy to find things quickly, I love it.

Marc Lees
Professional Triathlete

Triathlon is a gear intensive sport. The Triathlon Bag lets you manage it all with ease. At Clif Bar we love to innovate, so partnering with another innovative product like the Triathlon Bag is a natural fit.

Chris Randall
Clif Bar Inc.

Photogropher: Robert Oliver

Yes, I always use the Triathlon bag. It is an essential piece of my equipment when I travel to a race whether local or far away. It holds my entire race day equipment supply making it easy to carry to and from transition. Race morning is stressful enough so having one pack that easily handles and organizes all my swim, bike and run gear leaves me with one less worry on race morning.

- Roch Frey
Professional Triathlete

The Triathlonbag is incredible! Having the option to carry all my tri-gear in one bag allows me to stay focused on racing and coaching!

- Mark Wilson
Director-TI Triathlon Camps

I've been in the sport of Triathlon for over 15 years and have come to realize how important it is to be prepared for training and racing. Because of my position as USA Triathlon Certified Coach, I'm frequently asked for advice about equipment. While there are many products out in the market, and I've tried most all of them, fortunately for me I found a product that has enhanced my Triathlon participation like no other. The Triathlonbag allows be to pack all of my gear in one bag while using the many compartment to keep my gear organized and easily accessible. This bag will makes training, racing, and even traveling a snap!

- Jamie Silber

I love the new Triathlon Bag. With the many pockets it makes race travel and transition easy. It's also compact enough that I can use it as a backpack to take to the pool and track.
- Donna Phelan
Professional Triathlete

I'm just surprised nobody thought of something as utilitarian as this before. Aside from it's massive capacity, it's greatest feature is the fact that it's all compartmentalized, so you can visually know where your race belt, nutrition, run shoes, goggles and run cap are when filling the bag the night before the race. It stands out of way, leaving room for precious rack spot towel real estate, And unlike courier bags, the TriathlonBag sets on your back like a backpack, keeping your hands free to ride safely from your vehicle to the transition area.

-Jay Prasuhn