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Welcome to Yankz!

Yankz! began its journey in the Spring of 1999.

Pierce Pape, our founder and avid runner, was racing in over 32 races and gearing up for the Boston Marathon in 2000, when he discovered a product that improved his performance.  As it later became known, the Yankz! Sure Lace System, not only kept him from ever tying his laces again, but he also found that his shoes fit better.  

This innovation set Pierce down a new course he knew if he loved the laces this much that all runners could benefit. The first Yankz! product has now expanded to a family of products that support people participating in active lifestyles.

Yankz! products can be found in every state and in over 20 countries.  We welcome any comments, suggestions or if you just want to share a story, we are ready to listen.

Thank you for joining us on the trail. Enjoy the journey!