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Frequent Questions

Who are the contributors of the training films?

Q: Will the dvd play internationally
A: Yes, all our dvdís are multizone formatted for international play

Q:  Do you ship internationally.

Q:  Iím just starting cycling Ė What is the best DVD for me to first watch?
A:  Serious cyclists are directed to Cycling Fitness Results because it follows Joe Friels training bible philosophies and is designed to fit into a cyclist or triathleteís training season.  Cyclists looking for a good workout while being entertained will be directed to RIDES.

Endurance Films DVD Summary

Q: Iím a middle of the road Triathlete Ė What is the best DVD for me to watch?
A: Triathletes looking for training resources Ė If serious we direct them to Science of Triathlon as it covers a wealth of info. For specific improvements we might recommend individual titles EVOLUTION RUNNING, TRANSITIONS, OPEN WATER SWIMMING.   For performance enhancement we recommend ATHLETES GUIDE TO YOGA or ENDURANCE CORE.   Ironman athletes we suggest 4 Keys.