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Yankz! Sure Lace System Colors & Styles

The Yankz! Sure Lace System is available in 22 different colors and also in Reflective Black and Reflective White. Each of the Lace Colors can be combined with White, Black or USAT Casings to match your shoes or compliment your style. Yankz casings can also be CUSTOMIZED with your logo for large orders.

Please use the Color Chart below to visualize the Lace and Casing combination that best matches your shoes or style and then follow this link to buy.

Note: Colors are a representation and not exact matches.

If you do not see the color you like, please let us know we can try to match the color you want.

Yankz Laces are normally 40 Inches Long and they work on most shoes up to size 12. Extra long laces are available in select colors for shoes that are size 13 and larger.