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Yankz! Sure Lace System Frequently Asked Questions

What sizes do Yankz! Sure Laces come in?
Yankz! is one size fits all. Once properly fitting the shoe, the excess cord may be trimmed. The standard cord is designed to fit up to shoe size 12, however, if you have a larger shoe size, contact the Yankz! team for longer cords.

How long will Yankz! Sure Laces last? Do they have a warranty?
Yankz! are guaranteed to last for one year or the life of the shoe, whichever comes first .

How do I trim & prevent fray?
There is typically minimal fray at the end of the cord, however, customers have told us that they trim the cords, leaving 3-4 inches and then seal using nail polish, super glue or a match.

What colors do Yankz! come in?
Yankz! are available in over 25 colors. Use our color selector to match the perfect color to your shoe. We can even make a custom color for a group or organization ordering large amounts.

How do I fit Yankz! onto my shoe?
We have extensive instructions listed on the website. You can also view our video or download instructions in a variety of languages in a pdf format.

What is the benefit of Yankz!?
Yankz! not only keeps you from having to never tie your laces again, but also fits the shoe to your foot better. Yankz! is the only lace with a 2 point adjustment system for ankle-foot-toe box areas that allow for increased support and comfort.

How can I find a store near me that sells Yankz!?
Please email us at to request the name of a Yankz! retailer near you. Be sure to include your city, your state/territory, and your country in the email. We will get back to you within one business day.

Will Yankz! fit on my hiking boots?
Yankz! will fit onto boots that are ¾” height and below. Yankz! does not work on full height boots.

Do Yankz! fit on children’s shoes?
Yankz! are recommended for children’s shoes that are ages 6 and older.

Do Yankz! improve your athletic performance?
Yankz! improves your comfort and the consistency of your fit, both of which impacts your athletic performance.

I am missing the toe clip to my Yankz! laces, how do I get a replacement?
Our apologies if you are missing a clip in the packaging. For a replacement part please e-mail with your shipping address and what color, white or black, you need replaced. We will forward you the piece immediately.

How do I get customized Yankz! for my team or store?
Customized Yankz! is a great way to promote your team or store. Please read more about the customization options.