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Yankz! Sure Lace System Instructions

Using the Yankz! Sure Lace System is easy anyone can do it.

Technical Lacing Instructions

Fun - Lacing Instructions

Step 1 : With the Yankz! logo on the buckle facing toward your ankle, lace the shoe from top to bottom (ankle to toe).

Step 2 : Thread cord ends completely through holes at the wide end of the toe clip and back out through the openings on the side.

Step 3 : Pull upward on cord loop (not plastic) above casing, and slide the casing down toward shoe until it stops. Push T-Bar pin into casing to secure loop position. Stretch cord loop downward and secure into "hook" of toe clip. Cord loop should be snug as shown on packaging cover. Shoe slips on and off easily, without having to unlock the system! Fit should be comfortable and secure, not tight.

Step 4 : If the fit is too tight, or loop too short, pull some of the excess cord back through toe clip and redistribute the slack by pulling cords up through eyelets towards the ankle. If the fit is too loose or loop is too big, feed cord down from ankle area through toe clip.

Multi-Language Instructional Dowloads :
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