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Yankz! Sure Lace System Testimonials & Reviews

: Request a Retailer in Alabama

My wife bought these for me for Christmas and they are great. They keep my shoes snug during running but I can still slip them on/off with hardly any effort. I would recommend to anyone to buy the Yankz product even if they are not an athelete. I am thinking of getting some for my old running shoes that I use for non-sports activities. Thanks again for such a great product.

- Kenneth H.

Arizona: Request a Retailer in Arizona

Arizona Fans In The StandsLove the Yankz! I qualified for the Duathlon World Championships in Australia this year when I used Yankz in the qualifying race. Compared to the same race the year before, I cut 2 MINUTES off my time in just the transitions! Shoes off, shoes on! Now when I'm wearing my Team USA uniform and racing the Aussies and the Brits we might start hearing, 'The Yankz are coming, the Yankz are coming!

- Mark V.

California: Request a Retailer in California

My daughter bought me my first set of Yankz as a gift this past year. I have found them to be the best lacing system I have ever used both in Triathlon events as well as training and at the gym. These laces have totally eliminated all of the guess work in achieving proper shoe fit, and best of all have taken a few more precious seconds off my T2 times. As a 50 year old Triathlete, I need all of the help I can get. In short, you have a great product!

- Jim F.
Trabuco Canyon

It's my pleasure to say that Yankz! lacing is the best thing for my running shoes. I never worry about laces coming untied and my shoes are easy to slip on. On my runs, Yankz! shock cord construction provides a comfortable, secure, and form fitting feel: My shoes and feet are one.

- Kevin R.
San Diego

I've had the same pair of Yankz in my shoes for over 18 months and have yet to re-adjust them. They have kept the same comfortable, blister-free fit during all my miles of working out and through many 5, 10, 15k and half-marathons. The shoes have finally worn out, but not the Yankz.

- Galean D.

I have about a dozen pairs of walking, running and workout shoes, all with Yankz. I adjust them once and forget about them. When my shoes get dirty, I throw them in the washing machine and dryer, Yankz and all, and they still fit the same when they come out.

- Jenny D.

Conneticut: Request a Retailer in Conneticut

Hello! I recently purchased your laces in NYC - I just put them on my second pair of sneakers since that time last night! Wow! I am 57 and need every bit of comfort I can find - last night I was amazed! Flabergasted! They are the best - I bought two pairs at the time, but now I will be ordering another 6 pairs for friends and fellow athletes. Thanks again for such a cool product - that for once really works!!!

- Kenneth H.

Colorado: Request a Retailer in Colorado

Colorado Fans In The StandsIn triathlons, quick transitions are key to a successful race. I know from personal experience that the comfort and speed of Yankz shoe laces has been vital to my elite success in racing.

- Ryan W.
Colorado Springs

Florida: Request a Retailer in Florida

Florida Fans In The StandsI have been using Yankz! for almost 2 years now, and it amazes me how much difference it has made - not only in my transition times that are now a lot faster, but I also have all my training shoes laced up with Yankz! and the fit is just so much fetter! I don't get blisters after my long runs anymore since the shoe is not wobbling around in my feet, and the colors are just awesome!

- Felipe B.

For those of you constantly on the go, the speed of Yankz! will make you feel like a pro.

- Heather Gollnick, 5-Time Ironman Champion

Georgia: Request a Retailer in Georgia

As a retired triathlete, I wish Yankz were available when I was competing. I know they would have given me the competitive advantage I was always striving for. Now, I enjoy the fact that I can get into my fitness run faster without the bother of lacing my shoes. I also really enjoy how comfortable they are. Look out 50 and older dudes, when I come out of retirement in two years, I will be lightning fast in the transition with the help of Yankz.

- Michael L.

Iowa: Request a Retailer in Iowa

I was in Atlanta over the weekend visiting friends. One of these friends, a runner, had told me about Yankz before, but when I saw them in his running shoes, not only did I see that they would also work beautifully in my cycling shoes, but also that they could be the answer to many mothers' prayers. Sure, velcro works great for little kids' shoes, however, I find that 10 to 12 year olds don't find velcro shoes to be socially acceptable, but still seem to be lacking whatever brain chemical is necessary to keep their shoes tied. So, thanks for inventing these. Thanks!

- Cathy F.
Des Moines

Maryland: Request a Retailer in Maryland

YANKZ ROCK. I coach the Triathlete to the unfit. All whom either fumble with shoes coming untied or search for faster transition times. I only use and recommend YANKZ. I/we love them!

- Patrick "Sarge" A. President of The Sergeant's Program, husband, father of two and Ironman finisher.

Maryland Fans In The StandsJust got the laces today - so I went on a 6 mile trail run. Beavers had flooded a quarter mile section of trail. I ran thru and the laces performed superbly, keeping the shoes on! The blue laces did not loosen a bit and were very comfortable.

- Ellen S.

Minnesota: Request a Retailer in Minnesota

Minnesota Fans In The StandsI am a triathlon coach in Minnesota and I always get the same comment on your product, "Hey, cool laces." I have not tied a pair of shoe laces in three years! I have Yankz on my racing flats, training shoes and my everyday sneakers. I love your product and would enjoy displaying your logo on my bike rack, lunch box, clip board and who knows where else. Thank you!

- Coach Kris

Missouri: Request a Retailer in Missouri

Missouri Fans In The StandsThe only thing faster than greased lightning is the Yankz! SureLace System. I love them because they're fast and my flats fit perfectly every time I race. I take a few minutes to fit up my laces when I get a new pair of shoes, and then I'm all set. Yankz! is by far the easiest and most affordable 30 seconds I've ever saved - and that's in transition where I needed it most. Thank you for the great product and awesome customer service. Thanks again for all you guys do, both for me and for our sport.

- Tim

North Dakota: Request a Retailer in North Dakota

North Dakota Fans In The StandsYankz laces are especially valuable when transitioning from bicycling shoes to running shoes in triathlon/biathlon events. They require no lacing or knots; zip, you're in, zip, you're out and the shoe remains remarkably comfortable on the foot. An amazing product!

- William G., Commander U.S. Navy (Retired), Point Mugu Naval Base Admirials Cup Duathlon, 2003, 2004 and 2005 Gold Medal Winner for 60+ Age Group. (Rumor has it - he might go for Lance Armstrong's record number of wins in a row.)

Ohio: Request a Retailer in Ohio

As a consumer and parent of 3 children, I just went to my local fabric store and bought elastic and a couple of cord stoppers to make shoelaces for my 5-year old. If these laces were available at a children's shoestore, I definitely would have purchased them pre-made. You should try to market these laces to Stride-Rite and other mass retailers of children's shoes. Even Walmart and Target in the children's shoe department. A version of these laces are in Gap brand children's sneakers, but are not available for purchase separately. You have to buy the shoes at Gap with the laces already in them. Not many people actually buy shoes at Gap. If one could just purchase shoes from wherever and buy your elastic laces separately and switch them out, it would be great! I would gladly pay for laces separately just for the convenience. I think moms everywhere would agree. They're a great alternative to always having to buy the velcro-closing sneakers (or making home-made laces)!

- Jodi B.
Shaker Heights

Texas: Request a Retailer in Ohio

Texas Fans In The StandsI've been using your laces for 7 months and recently, I purchased 5 more pair of Yankz! online. I wanted to match laces for several pair of athletic shoes I have. When I received the order I was not happy with the fluorescent orange color. It wasn't as bright as I expected it to be. I contacted your online customer service department to see about returning or exchanging it. Well, I was pleasantly surprised by the response! Not only did they apologize for the situation and notice that I had shopped with them online before (nice personal touch), but they told me to keep the pair I had received AND they sent me a new orange color they were marketing which they suspected would match what I was looking for!! I received the new laces a few days later and they were right! It was the exact color of bright orange I needed to match my new Mizunos! What customer service! I love the laces and now I can say, I love the company too! They told me their goal is Customer Delight, going beyond Customer Satisfaction. I can tell you they accomplished that goal with this customer! Way to go Yankz!

- Carl S.
San Antonio

Washington: Request a Retailer in Washington

Washington Fans In The StandsI have been wearing Yankz! laces for a couple of years now, and what I like best about them is how well they conform to my narrow foot. They easily lace into my running shoes, and I pretighten them at the top and bottom just enough so I can slide them in quickly, pull and go. As a result I have shortened my triathlon transition times, and let me tell you those extra seconds make a difference. My favorite style is the reflective lace-in the Seattle area we need this feature day and night! I'll never run another race without Yankz!

- Anne J.

Canada: Request a Retailer in Canada

Canada Fans In The StandsI never thought I'd say this sentence, but, I love your shoelaces! I'm a 16 year old triathlete from Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, and I've never had a problem during a race with your shoelaces. They keep my shoes nice and snug on my feet but they are not hard to get into, and they always stay done up, so that I never have to waste time in my transition doing them up. My other friends have had this other type of triathlon lace, I'm not really sure what it's called, but it's got this plastic device on it, and you have to pull out a piece, and so on and so on. They have all had problems with them but I never have. Unfortunately, they have lost important seconds in the transition fiddling around with their laces, while I have been able to get in and out of there in a flash. I've had my latest pair of running shoes for a long time (too long!) and I am getting a new pair very soon.

- Vanessa F.

New Zealand: Request a Retailer in New Zealand

New Zealand Fans In The StandsYankz are the greatest! With competing in Triathlons, Duathlons and Aquathlons around the world I wouldnât use anything but Yankz. I can only rely on them for their awesome comfort, reliably, performance and most importantly the ability to have fast transitions with taking my shoes on and off.

- Daniel C.

South Africa: Request a Retailer in South Africa

South Africa Fans In The StandsJust to let you know that the Yankz! are the best lacing system I've used and make my Transitions fast.

- Robbie G.
Cape Town