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XterraXterra:  Off Road Triathlon - Get Dirty
Production by: Endurance Films
Featuring: Brian Grasky
Sponsored by: XTerra Planet

Open your eyes to the excitement of XTerra off road triathlon and see just how accessible it can be for anyone. Learn the fundamental techniques you need to compete off the road. From adjusting to altitude to getting the right gear to crossing the finish line...this DVD will prepare you to GET DIRTY in the world of XTerra.

Trailer | More Information | $29.95 |

Endurance NutritionEndurance Nutrition
Production by: Endurance Films
Featuring: Steve Born
Sponsored by: Hammer Nutrition

Gain top advice on how you can dramatically improve your training, racing and health through a simple, well thought out endurance nutrition plan. Brought to you by the experts at Hammer Nutrition.

Trailer | More Information | $29.95 |

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Xterra: Off Road Triathlon - Get Dirty
Our Price: $29.95

Endurance Nutrition
Our Price: $29.95